Monday, July 9

What's Hezbollah supposed to use as weapons in Syria? Slingshots?

On Sunday the IAF bombed the T-4 air base in Syria surely on the same pretext they used the last time and all other times. They always claim they were targeting Iranian cargo planes dropping off weapons with which to launch an attack on Israel. 

I have no idea whether Iranian planes were unloading at that particular airport at the time. I do know that the Syrian War is a BYOW affair -- as in "bring your own weapons" and ammo. 

The Syrian government can't afford to arm Hezbollah or the Iranian militias fighting on their behalf. And I doubt the Lebanese militias in Syria can afford to pay out of pocket for their weapons.  

That leaves the Russians and Iranians. The Russians are already spending a fortune to help arm the Syrian military. So that would leave the Iranians. 

Logic also dictates that the IRGC wouldn't send Hezbollah or any Iranian militia in Syria the money to purchase materiel -- a process that would be very hard to carry out on a routine basis. Instead, they'd ship the materiel to air bases around Syria. Of course they wouldn't want to advertise this for obvious reasons. 

I'm not saying anything Israel's defense ministry doesn't already know. What they might not know is how close they've gotten to the tipping point -- that point where people won't believe you, even when you're telling the absolute truth, because you've been caught in so many lies.

A general rule of getting along in this world is to lie only when strictly necessary. If one feels to compelled to tell one whopper after another, it's time to rethink one's strategy. 

All right; below is a report from SouthFront which includes mention of the attack on the T-4. I've not posted the accompanying map because I get queasy trying to understand SouthFront's war maps.

By the way -- I don't know whether the people at SouthFront are German or Russian or whatever, but how would they like it, if some news source decided to change the name of their country's capital city because the editor didn't think it should be the capital? 

If the Israelis say the capital of their country is Mashed Potatoes, then that's how you'd write it. You can't be an activist and a journalist at the same time -- not if you want the public to consider SouthFront a reasonably reliable news source. You do publish opinion. So make the effort to keep your editorializing and war reporting separate. Okay?   
July 9, 2018

On July 9 Syrian government forces liberated a large chunk of the border with Jordan in the southern Daraa countryside, retaking the area between the border points of 29 and 35. Earlier, government troops took control of the villages of Khrab al-Shahm, Zaizoun and Tal Shihab.
While Syrian forces are rapidly advancing against militants, the Israeli leadership has send another threat to the Damascus government.
Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that his country will “respond harshly” to any attempts by the Syrian military to enter the demilitarized area in the Golan Heights.
“For our part, we will sanctify the 1974 disengagement agreement and there too we will insist that every last letter be abided by, and any violation will meet a harsh response from the State of Israel,” Lieberman said speaking in parliament.
Last night warplanes of the Israeli Air Force carried out an airstrike on targets in Syria’s T-4 airbase in the central province of Homs. The General Command of the Syrian Arab Army said that Syrian forces had intercepted several missiles and targeted an Israeli warplane. However, some Israeli missiles hit targets in the base.
The Israeli side says that none of its warplanes were hit.

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