Friday, July 20

They also hate Hindus, Buddhists, Sufis, if it's any comfort to Christians

Further to my July 19 post, "Hatred of Christianity a factor in Western elite's hatred of Putin and today's Russia."

They hate every religion, every religious sect, even though they pretend not to hate ones promoted by fabulously rich Muslims who contribute to their political campaigns and deposit obscenely large sums of money in their banks and invest billions USD in their businesses.

They hate the idea of religious faith, they hate the idea of an unfathomable power. They hate above all that complete nobodies consider themselves on speaking terms with an unfathomable power.



bdoran said...

They don't hate God. They hate us for having God.
Our worship should be of our Elites- not some "Sky God."

They are jealous. Of course they are.

Pundita said...

B, there's a lot of news about Syria so I can't take much time with this, but the hatred is directed at religion, not God, which they consider a myth created by primitives. Even religious practice controlled by the state is considered troublesome by statists.