Friday, July 6

"US-French Military Convoy Enters Raqqa Airbase to Confront Popular Uprising"

Pundita comment: I think this latest heavy-handed tactic to quell infighting between different U.S.-backed militias is only going to add more fuel to the actual uprising.  

Thu Jul 05, 2018 4:40
TEHRAN (FNA)- A joint military convoy of the US and French forces was sent to al-Tabaqah airbase in al-Tabaqah in Western Raqqa as tensions are rising between civilians and the US-backed forces in Raqqa.

Local sources in Western Raqqa reported on Thursday that a military convoy of the US and French forces have been dispatched from the town of al-Tabaqah to its airbase.

They added that the convoy consists of 7 trucks, carrying military equipment, noting that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have declared curfew in al-Tabaqah.

Also, reports from Eastern Raqqa said that residents of the town of al-Karameh have engaged in heavy clashes with the SDF.

The clashes erupted after the SDF detained people in the region to find defected members.

In a relevant development late in June, a large number of civilians held protest rallies against the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces in Raqqa after the SDF increased their security measures and detention of civilians.

Local sources in Raqqa reported that tens of civilians in the village of al-Salhabiyeh in Western Raqqa have revolted against the SDF.

They added that residents of the village are angry with the SDF moves, including extensive detentions, curfew and establishment of several checkpoints in Raqqa, noting that people are holding protest rallies to show their opposition to the SDF and its deployment in their town.

Tensions have heightened in Raqqa in the past month after infighting started between the SDF and other US-backed militants, namely Liwa al-Thowar Raqqa brigade.

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