Friday, May 8

"Agar Tum Saath Ho" (If you're with me), a song for our times UPDATED 11 PM ET

Oops. It turns out he'd laid his head on a table, not the floor. My bad. I didn't see the movie. So I removed the caption from the pix, which had read, "Yes he threw himself on the floor." Even so, I think he would've thrown himself on the floor if a table hadn't been available lol.

We won't ever know how many marriages Covid-19 has broken up and saved, but the eagle-eyed Economist has already spotted a trend in these days of pandemic:  Casual sex is out, companionship is in: "Lockdowns are forcing singletons to embrace emotional intimacy."

I should think it's not only singletons; if there is one thing many people are learning from the pandemic, it's to value relationships in a way they've never done before. 

There's a lyric from Agar Tum Saath Ho, "Life was merciless and still is merciless."  Yes. So work it out, as the people in the above scene from Tamasha do. If the result isn't satisfactory, buy a rug or painting because relationships don't have results; they're always a work in progress. 

The relationship we eke out with another, no matter how far from satisfactory, is a sight better than being alone in a time such as this.



Himanshu said...

beautiful song from bollywood.

Pundita said...

I'm beginning to think Bollywood film music should be considered an art form.