Monday, May 11

"We were about to have a major monetary collapse.Then the virus showed up."

Were we indeed about to have a major monetary collapse? How should I know? But I do know this is a very strange virus, in that for all the harm it's done, it's also doing good in ways that nobody could've predicted. 

I haven't had time to listen to the whole talk, below. So take it or leave it --  Jim Sinclair talks about "Debt Jubilees Everywhere." 

As to what he has to say about gold, his specialty, I haven't gotten to that part yet and won't until this weekend.

And yes, that's a photo of Sathya Sai Baba, probably with Jim, on Jim's mantel. Sai Baba dealt with a very great many people the world over in every segment of society, and from the richest to the poorest, the most powerful to the nobodies, the smartest to the stupidest, the saintly to the worst among us, the deeply religious to the card-carrying atheists.         


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Himanshu said...

much appreciation for this interview of Jim Sinclair :)