Thursday, May 21

The mask is coming off Britain's real role in the Syrian War

"The documents show that the UK was covertly running parts of the Syrian opposition."

Someone in the British government has been leaking documents to a publication called the Middle East Eye. The documents reveal that a British propaganda campaign against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his government was mounted not just to rationalize Britain's entry into the Syrian War but to instigate the war in Syria and prolong it. The main targets of British actions were the Syrians inside Syria. 

So the British public, which its government repeatedly lied to about the Syrian conflict, was simply collateral damage. However, some British aren't taking this lying down, and so a document leak has begun. News of this was first written up for MEE by award-winning senior reporter Ian Cobain with award-winning co-author Alice Ross and published February 19 under the headline REVEALED: The British government’s covert propaganda campaign in Syria.
Then Mark Curtis, a British author and editor of "Declassified U.K." took up the cudgel: Revelations about UK media operations challenge narratives of war, which Middle East Eye published on March 18. The lede:

 "British government effectively ran Syrian opposition groups' media offices, countering the notion that the UK has not played a significant role in the conflict."

I hope that when American readers digest the news it will occur to them that for years the British government was fine with letting Americans take the blame for the propaganda war against Syria's president.

It's my view that with allies like the British, America doesn't need enemies. If Russiagate didn't bring that home to you, maybe Syriagate will.


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