Saturday, May 9

The real "Lord of the Flies" shows humanity's superpower is cooperation

This is an amazing story told by a Dutch historian who was guided by incredible luck or Divine Providence to rescue it from obscurity. William Golding's novel was a complete fiction. But more than a decade after the novel was published a group of schoolboys was indeed marooned on an island -- for 15 months, given up for dead. How they survived makes a mockery of Golding's dark view of human nature. 

And what a time for this story to be published! What a time! Actually, it won't be published until June 2, but the Guardian editors couldn't wait; they adapted the story for publication today.  

I will note the stranded boys attended a strict Catholic boarding school. So the account still raises the nurture versus nature question. I hope the Vatican and their pope, which have been busy liberalizing the Church in the name of 'human values,' read the Guardian.



Himanshu said...

people are good :)

Pundita said...

i think all of us have a spark of a divine goodness. In some it's a small spark and others it's grown into a great flame. But the spark is always there, even among the most cruel.

Himanshu said...

thats beautiful what you said. needed to read that in this time.