Saturday, May 23

Through it all, Syrians rebuild. "Aleppo is on its way back to its former glory."

A 20 year old Syrian interested in construction has put together a 'before-after' video of devastated Aleppo City sites that have been rebuilt, which he's posted at his Twitter page, "Rebuilding Syria." He's also posted many photos of sites in other regions of the country that have been reconstructed or are in the rebuilding process.  And he has much discussion about real estate development projects and other construction-related Syrian news. 

Here's the link to the video and his comment:
I have finally finished making this video showing Aleppo before and after reconstruction, 2016 vs 2020. There is of course more than this that has been done, but this video highlights some of the most important places in the city. Aleppo is on its way back to its former glory.

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