Monday, March 3

From the frying pan into the fire

Readers who visit here regularly know that since early January I've been fighting alongside Canadians who are battling to restore freedom of speech in their country. I've paid scant attention to US politics during that time.

During the past week I was pelted with warnings from readers and colleagues that I needed to rip my attention away from Canada (and Britain) long enough to focus on the storm of controversy building around Barack Obama and certain of his associates.

Given the breadth and complexity of Canada's Section 13 issue, I was hoping for a little respite from complexity when I turned to study the Obama affair, but no such luck. I am still playing catch-up but this weekend I dashed off two posts on the affair.

Also, this morning I posted on some great news with regard the Section 13 complaints against Maclean's magazine.

To return to the Obama affair, today the jury selection begins in the Rezko case. Below is a 'find' I made last night and my hasty note to a colleague about it.
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Nobody's hands are perfectly clean in politics

Larry Johnson linked to this some days ago but I just found. Data rich, highly informed analysis of Obama-Rezko matter by a "former federal prosecutor who also served at other levels of government, both in civil and criminal law, including as Counsel to an Inspector General. These days, I'm a soccer mom and a partner in a small law practice with a buddy of mine from the US Attorney's Office."

The analysis gives attention to early relationship of Obama-Rezko and clearly explains why questions about it are vitally important.

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