Sunday, March 9

Meow meow Mark Steyn

Do not bother reading this entry unless you're very familiar with the Section 13 War or you need a break from plowing through stuff like the Naxalite rebellion -- or terrorist movement, depending on which 1,452 page report with 46 pages of footnotes one studies.
Johann's Lament

Drat that Mark Steyn, whose wit is so much finer than mine!
I grunt and I strain for hours on end to concoct a bon mot
And he just flings them out
Why do I appear catty when I criticize
While he gets fĂȘted for brilliance?
Drat that Mark Steyn, whose brain works so much faster than mine!
O hell, I think I will take up writing murder mysteries
Then no one will ask whether I'm making up conversations
And I can write gruesome endings for everyone I hate.
With that off my chest I return refreshed and restored to pondering such vexing questions as:
So on the basis of what is Rahul Gandhi claiming to be a “soldier for adivasis” when there is nothing in his public record to suggest the same?

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