Tuesday, March 4

LANDMARK LEGAL VICTORY: Canadian Human Rights Commission's spying operations to be exposed!

May 2007
As part of a Section 13 hearing involving Marc Lemire, his attorney Barbara Kulaszka asked Dean Steacy (senior investigator for the Canadian Human Rights Commission) about a computer screen name account called “Jadewarr." Steacy created the account on the website StormFront in the attempt to set up and possibly entrap Marc Lemire. To block all futher questions to Steacy about the Jadewarr account, the CHRC claimed immunity for national security reasons. There followed an epic legal battle.

March 3, 2008
OTTAWA - Shockwaves are rattling through the befuddled Section 13 pre-crime enforcers at the Canadian Human Rights Commission, as a monumental decision was handed down by CHR Tribunal Vice-Chairman Athanasios Hadjis. The ruling forces CHRC senior investigator and internet spy, Dean Steacy, to return to the witness stand to answer questions under oath on his internet spying operations against Marc Lemire [owner of FreedomSite] and ... FreeDominion website. [...]
The triumphant email from Marc Lemire arrived at 2:10 AM this morning. For a moment I stared blankly at the news, my mind unable to take in the enormity of the victory.

Then I jumped to my feet and cried, "Three Cheers for Barbara Kulaszka! For Marc! For Canada's FreeSpeechers!"

I am so happy that all I can add to my cheers is to urge you to click on this link, which summarizes the battle that resulted in the CHRT ruling. The battle between the CHRC and Lemire & Kulaszka, even in abbeviated telling, is so astounding it enters the hall of Legend.

On second thought I could also quote from an essay Binky wrote yesterday:
This is the dirty barn-work of democracy, standing for the foundations of our civilization, of bearing witness with whatever strength and courage and witness we may have, side-by-side with whatever unlikely band of brothers and sisters that the circumstances bring together.

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