Saturday, March 29

Video and text of Dalai Lama accusing China of staging Lhasa riots: A second look at Lhasa riots, Part 6

The Times of India reports that today the Dalai Lama:
... accused China of staging violence in Lhasa and sought the help of the international community to bring China to the dialogue table.

(Watch the press conference: Rioters were Chinese, says Dalai Lama)

Chinese soldiers in the garb of Tibetan monks and ordinary people were indulging in violence shown on Chinese television, the Dalai Lama said at a press conference here on Saturday.

"To a lay person, soldiers dressed like monks may look like monks. But we watched the images carefully and realized that they were not monks. Also, in a photograph showing a Tibetan with a sword, the sword is Chinese. They all look like Chinese people dressed like Tibetans," the Dalai Lama said [...]
The Dalai Lama's accusation jibes with an ancedote that many guests in a Chinese-run hostel in Lhasa said they heard different (non-local Tibetan) dialects among rioters they encountered.

And it jibes with eyewitness testimony that a Chinese policeman in Lhasa dressed as a Tibetan and took part in the riots.

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