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Saturday, December 11

"POTUS Obama is isolated far more than you see."

There was something very odd, very unsettling, almost frightening, about President Barack Obama's behavior yesterday at the White House briefing when he brought in Bill Clinton to speak for him, then -- saying that he had already kept the First Lady waiting for a half hour -- simply walked out, abandoning his post to Bill Clinton.

Below is John Batchelor's take on an incident that is the strangest I can recall in a modern U.S. presidency. I can only hope that Obama had some kind of obscure political strategy in mind and that his act wasn't what it seemed, which was to openly register contempt for his office. (See John's website for video and links in his post):
"I have reviewed this agreement..." remarks the savvy Bill Clinton. The vital question in this unusual performance by the dynamic duo -- springing, late in the news cycle, on the White House media -- is to ask what is the relationship between POTUS Obama and POTUS Clinton? The answer is that there is no relationship. POTUS Obama disdains the Clintons. POTUS Obama does not speak to the Clintons outside of a structured and timely public setting.

POTUS Obama is isolated far more than you see. POTUS Obama team is far more delusional than we can know. The revolt by the Democratic Party disgusts POTUS. The GOP defiance enrages POTUS. POTUS is in sharp retreat from the facts of the moment. POTUS only hears the reassuring voice of Axelrod and Val Jarrett. POTUS does not hear the laughter.

There is more. If you think this is a breakdown of the Obama administration, you are underestimating what you see. Clinton rides to the rescue. Obama departs for a holiday party ordered up by FLOTUS. (The FLOTUS who derides Christmas presents of any kind.) The end of the beginning of the Obama White House. Secondary question: What did Obama walk away from? Answer, the job of the presidency.


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