Wednesday, December 15

Phooey! WHAT Amrullah Saleh interview on December 14?

I'm going to have to take away one of the gold stars I just gave The New York Times for their December 14 report, Intelligence Reports Offer Dim Views of Afghan War. Look at this passage from the report:
But many Afghan officials say that the United States, which sends Pakistan about $2 billion in military and civilian aid each year, is coddling Pakistan for no end. “They are capitalizing on your immediate security needs, and they are stuck in this thinking that bad behavior brings cash,” said Amrullah Saleh, the former Afghan intelligence chief, in an interview on Tuesday.
I assumed that the interview was available on the internet but my search turned up no record of such an interview.

I know that the journalists who worked on the report didn't pull the quote from thin air. But then what interview is report story talking about -- and with whom? With one of the Times reporters?

Saleh is probably still in Washington making the rounds after his talk at the Jamestown Foundation's Terrorism Conference last week. And if so it's likely he's been talking to the U.S. press, but if he gave an interview yesterday I'd sure like to know more about it and what else he said in the interview. This is because Saleh is the best Afghan War analyst there is -- at least among those analysts who're willing to speak on the record.

In any case, it's mean for a major newspaper to make such a reference without identifying it in some way or another.

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