Sunday, November 6

Get a grip, Madonna. A big majority in the world prefers Trump as U.S. President

Madonna is having a meltdown. I'm not certain whether this at the thought of a Trump presidency or because she doesn't like being laughed at:
"We do not want a wall built around the US paid for with our hard-earned money. All politicians lie. All!! Even our most beloved and esteemed. Can we please get off the email scenario and focus on the bigger picture? If Trump were elected we would be at war in no time at all. The whole world is laughing at us right now."
The world outside the USA is not laughing at Americans. They're scared half to death of us, with good reason. It's policies of Barack Obama and the State Department under Hillary Clinton that have pushed countries outside the United States to fear that a Clinton presidency will touch off another world war -- one that can easily end in the use of nuclear weapons.

If Madonna is such a low-information American that she believes Hillary Clinton's lying about emails is the biggest problem with a Clinton presidency, there's no use trying to bring her up to speed at this late hour. But if it's any comfort to Madonna, as of the end of September a global poll supported Donald Trump 77 percent to Hillary Clinton's 23 percent. 

In fact, only about 5 countries including Pakistan, Iran, and Saudi Arabia favor Clinton.

Those three countries are not known for an enlightened attitude about women. 


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