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Syrian Army Coalition Liberates Key District From Jaish al-Fatah

Just hours before the victory other sources were cautioning that the offensive could be repelled. The great importance of this victory is that it allows the SAA to enter E. Aleppo from the north

Does this mean that part of the city could now quickly fall to the Syrian Army? I think we should know very soon.  My understanding (don't quote me) is that the problem the SAA keeps facing is the heights -- the high points around that eastern part of the city (including apartment buildings with high floors) that have to be taken and held before they can send troops in to clean out what's left of the terrorists from E. Aleppo.  

Meanwhile, FARS reports (second report below), the Jaish al-Fatah [JaF] terrorists are badly demoralized despite severe pressure from the U.S., Turkey, and Saudi Arabia to stand their ground and fight. But civilian residents of E. Aleppo are fired up. They're confronting JaF fighters -- staging rallies that demand they leave, and putting up pictures of Bashar al-Assad on their walls.        

Syrian Gov't Forces Liberate Hanano District East of Aleppo City
Novermber 26, 2016 - 3:10 local time

TEHRAN (FNA)- Syrian Army troops and popular forces drove Jeish al-Fatah [Jaish] terrorists out of the key district of Hanano Housing Project a few minutes ago and started to fortify their positions in the newly-liberated district.

Following days of non-stop fierce clashes, the Syrian government forces inflicted major losses on the Jeish al-Fatah collation of terrorist groups and imposed full control over the entire area of the Hanano Housing Project.

Jeish al-Fatah left behind a large number of dead and wounded members and pulled the remaining pockets of its forces back from the district.

Battlefield reports said the army is now moving both North and Southward to stretch control over neighboring districts.

Hanano quarter is of paramount importance in the war over Eastern Aleppo. The third flank of the government troops' large-scale operation against terrorists in the Eastern parts of the city concentrated on this district as it is the Southern gate to Sheikh Najjar, another key district in Northeastern Aleppo that is adjacent to a number of heights that overlook the city.

The army has also won a part of Sheikh Najjar from the Eastern direction and the striking victory in Hanano increases the Army's pressure on the terrorists from the South, cornering them in the center of Sheikh Najjar.

Meantime, later reports said that several other units of the army and popular forces are also on the offensive on the opposite direction to push further into the South of Hanano quarter to open their way into Jabal (Mount) Barou and Al-Ard Al-Hamra that, the army commanders believe, will be the decisive battle of Eastern Aleppo.

Reports said earlier today that the army soldiers and the Lebanese Hezbollah fighters continued to advance against Jeish al-Fatah terrorists in the Hanano Housing Project in Eastern Aleppo, driving the militants out of their last remaining positions.

The Army soldiers and Hezbollah fighters, who started a fresh phase of anti-terrorism offensives in Hanano on Thursday, continued to take control over more positions and are now on the verge of full victory in the district.

Hundreds of terrorists have been transferred to Hanano battlefield from other Eastern districts of Aleppo city, but the army and resistance forces have inflicted major losses on the militants and repelled their attack.

Syrian fighter jets had also been pounding terrorists' positions in Hanano Housing Project in the last few days.


Two hours before the above report was published FARS filed this one:

Syria: US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey Ask Jeish al-Fatah to Gather Strength against Army in Aleppo

TEHRAN (FNA)- The US, Saudi Arabia and Turkey have called on the Jeish al-Fatah coalition of terrorist groups to stand up against the army's all-out attack and resume offensives on government troops with maximum power, a security source told the Syrian war information center.

Some representatives from the US, Saudi Arabia and Turkey along with their counterparts from Jeish al-Fatah held a meeting in Turkey this week, the information center of E'elam al-Harbi quoted a source at the Joint Operation Room of Syrian Army and Popular Forces as saying.

"Representatives of Washington, Ankara and Riyadh, in a meeting held with the representative of Jeish al-Fatah to encourage the militants to keep their positions in the besieged districts of Aleppo city, called on the terrorist coalition to regroup its militants and get ready for a large-scale operation in the city," the source said.

Jeish al-Fatah was ordered in the meeting not to leave their positions in the besieged part of Aleppo city under any condition even if their refusal to leave the city ends in the killing of civilians.

The information center further quoted the source as saying that the meeting between the representatives of Jeish al-Fatah, the US, Turkey and Saudi Arabia proved one more time that the states that claimed responsibility about saving civilians' lives, in fact, are a part of assassination and destruction (in Aleppo) and their words are shier lies.

"The UN Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura must disclose the realities and should not be at the service of conspirators. The Syrian army will never accept terrorists' hostage-taking in the Eastern districts of Aleppo and is resolved to drive the terrorists out of these district immediately," the source added.

An analyst said on Thursday that the Syrian army's massive operations in different parts of Aleppo and their astonishing advance would soon force the terrorists to lay down arms and surrender.

The military analysts and field sources told al-Watan daily that battlefield information after the Syrian army and its allies' massive attacks in Aleppo showed that "the terrorists would soon be forced to surrender and their positions would fall one after another since they lost a large number of their commanders and members as well as arms caches and could no more resist against the Syrian troops' offensives; this was while their regional allies had also withdrawn their support for them".

"Meantime, the residents of Eastern Aleppo districts continue to stage protest rallies against the terrorists, demanding their exit," the analysts said, adding that they even mounted pictures of President Bashar al-Assad on their walls.

Local sources in Eastern Aleppo also reported that the terrorists lost confidence in their commanders after their repeated unfulfilled promises on breaking the army's siege and their morale was weakened after heavy defeats and sustaining abundant casualties and damages.

After continued defeats and nearly two months of insistence on remaining in the city and rejecting the army's several chances to leave Eastern Aleppo with their weapons, terrorists are now facing the realities of war as their comrades' massive attacks on the city to break the army's several-month-long siege have all ended up in fiasco.

The Syrian army has started special operation in Aleppo after several humanitarian pauses declared by Damascus and Moscow to give a chance to the civilian population as well as the militants to leave the Eastern parts of the city through 8 corridors.

Thousands of civilians left the city in the first few days, but militants blocked their exist paths, threatening to kill anyone who dares to approach the passages opened by the army. The terrorists aim to use the civilian population as a human shield.

The last such pause was declared Mid-November when the Syrian army gave a 24-hour lone ultimatum to the Jeish al-Fatah coalition of terrorist groups to leave the flash point city.

The Syrian Army's deadline for the exit of terrorists from Eastern districts of Aleppo ended, but no militant or civilian left the city via the humanitarian corridors.

After starting the operations in Aleppo, the Syrian army has managed to advance in several areas and retake control of new territories, killing hundreds of terrorists.



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