Monday, November 28

Love has awakened the spiritual eye

Aankh Uthi Mohabbat Ne Angrai Lee qawwali, performed by Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and troupe.     
Spiritual ecstasy, induced by remembrance of God (Zikr) while hearing recitation of the Qur'an, Ahadith, or spiritual poetry, is called Wajd or "Wajad" by Sufis: it is especially cultivated among the Naqshbandi and Chishti spiritual orders. This bliss is one of many signs of the commencement of spiritual development in the disciple and also the opening for inspirations and spiritual abilities and powers. In its purest forms, Wajad is a pure state of eternal peace. Some Sufis enjoy Wajad while listening to poetry, with or without music (Qawwali).

Levels of Wajad

There are five distinct levels of Wajad described by Sufi Shaikhs in their numerous books:

  • Wajd of dervishes, which produces a rhythmic motion of the body.
  • Wajd of idealists, expressed by a thrilling sensation of the body, tears and sighs.
  • Wajd of devotees, which creates an exalted state in the physical and mental body.
  • Wajd of saints, which creates perfect calm and peace.
  • Wajd of prophets, the realization of the highest consciousness called Sidrat al-Muntaha.
One may also arrive at the state of Wajd by the favor of the murshid, and/or through the Grace of Allah.

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