Monday, November 28

Leith Fadel v liars

  1. "Those people that attempted to push for US intervention in Syria by lying about 250k people trapped in east Aleppo deserve prison."
    "Sakhour District has been liberated. We are witnessing the greatest lie of the decade too. There are no 250k people in east Aleppo."

How many are there? He tweeted I think yesterday that one of his cousins, who's fighting there, estimated 30K but that was before the mass exodus of about 10,000 civilians from the area.

Two more barbs yesterday from Leith, at his Twitter page:

"Where are these thousands of foreign Shia fighting for Assad in Aleppo?"

"Lol my favorite thing about the rebel collapse in east Aleppo is that it was solely done by the Syrian Arab Army and Liwaa Al-Quds."

He got a little more information today from his (excellent) sources in the Syrian military on the makeup of the good guys fighting in E. Aleppo:

"Most of the Republican Guard, Ba'ath Battalions, & NDF in east Aleppo are from Aleppo! Most are Sunnis. There is only one sectarian side...."

BTW Leith got giddy as the tide of SAA victory has been sweeping into E. Aleppo; he's been changing his name on his Twitter page. I think yesterday it was Ayatollah Leith and today it's -- uh, Abu Kousa Mahshi. (Don't ask me.)  He'll eventually get bored with coming up with new names.  (9 PM EST Update: he's already gotten bored with it.)

So. Stuff your ears with cotton if you're trying to follow the Syrian conflict through the mainstream Western media and keep your eye on Leith's AMN news site and his Twitter page for the news on the Syrian conflict.    

Here's one of the latest reports (Nov 29 Syria time) from AMN, with a helpful video on how the battle for E. Aleppo is shaking out.


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