Sunday, November 13

Three useless deaths of American troops in Jordan

The deaths of these three American soldiers, in what seems to have been a friendly fire incident, brought into the open what everyone paying attention to the Syrian war had already figured out: SOCOM and the CIA were collaborating to train "moderate" rebels to fight Assad's government. Spare me the hot air that they were also training them to fight Islamic State.

It is no use upbraiding the CIA for going rogue; the entire American regime went rogue. I'm just thankful the CIA hasn't put stars on its wall for al Qaeda forces who died fighting Assad's government. 

 I suspect the Syrian and Russian air forces kept dragging out their "humanitarian pauses" in E. Aleppo because American, French, and British militaries were having trouble extricating special forces who were training "moderate" headchoppers to fight the Syrian Army. 

There's no question that such special forces were operating in E. Aleppo; this was reported weeks ago. But I got the idea some were trapped there because the Russian and Syrian commands kept stamping their feet and saying, "Ready or not here we come."  Two days later [stamping feet] Ready or not ..."  Four days later, "Ready or not ..." etc.     

[shaking her head]     

From the November 12 Washington Post report on the incident in Jordan:
The deaths of the three soldiers also provide a rare window into the CIA's practice of "detailing" U.S. troops and special operators for clandestine missions. The 5th Special Forces Group previously had been deployed to Jordan in 2013 to train members of the Pentagon's Syrian train-and-equip program, but the mission's scope was severely curbed in the past year as it failed to produce large numbers of trained fighters willing to take on only the Islamic State.
The CIA's program, on the other hand, allows its trainees to fight both Syrian government forces and the terrorist group.
So the training didn't go to waste. 

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