Tuesday, March 27

American land grab in Syria

"Already, the US has taken 30% of northern Syria east of the Euphrates River. If Turkey manages to take the rest of the border region west of the Euphrates and all the way down through Idlib province, Syria’s strategic position will be badly damaged. Foreign powers will control all northern border crossings and highways. They will also own much of Syria’s best agricultural land and water resources. This is not to mention that the US zone includes over 50% of Syria’s oil and gas fields."

The quote is from Joshua Landis during an interview he gave to ISPI published on February 27 under the title, Afrin, Ghouta, and the Post-IS scramble for Syria.  

As to whether the Trump regime has taken control of even more Syrian territory since late February -- reliable data from that war front is hard to come by, but I'd say it's a good guess that the regime is trying to grab as much land as it can.

So no one should be surprised by Turkey's land grabs in Syria. The Turks are playing Monkey See Monkey Do. If the United States is getting away with an unprovoked invasion of a country and grabbing its land in the process, why shouldn't they?  


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