Tuesday, March 27

Headlines from most viewed war reports today at FARS

It was not very thoughtful to feature Syria war news headlines from FARS News right after a post I'd titled In this era one doesn't so much study war reports as untangle them lol. When I realized this I took down the post for a little mending.

Actually, there is little to untangle about Syrian war news that FARS reports. The reader already knows:

> the Iranian government's very obvious biases
> that they accent the positive about a Syrian Arab Army operation and downplay or studiously ignore an incident where the SAA gets walloped. Same goes for Russian, Iranian militia and Hezbollah ops in Syria.

But those caveats aside, at least readers can get on-the-ground reporting from Iran's state news agency that is reasonably accurate. Many times FARS reports on war situations that the 'corporate' news media ignores, or doesn't know anything about -- or doesn't have the sources in Syria to learn about in any detail. 

And their reporting is a good counterweight to the anti-Assad, anti-Syrian Army propaganda put out by Saudi and other Gulf Arab news outlets.

A bonus, which I might have mentioned before, is that there are limits to how much outright lying FARS can do about the kinetic ops in Syria because if it happens too many times their reporting will be discounted by enemies 'on the ground' who closely follow the site -- and have their own sources about what really happened in a battle.      


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