Sunday, March 4

Here We Go Again

Isley Brothers; full length version from Go All the Way album released in 1980 (via YouTube).  One of the greatest 'Old School' songs, although they'll be playing it a thousand years from now and it will still sound new.  

But right now the lyrics are a kind of touchstone for me --  how I've come to feel about my society, my government.   

Well, what do you do when you love somebody
and everything is going wrong
Nobody knows the way you feel about it 
'cause only you know you can't leave it alone
Here we go again .. .

I rarely visit Zero Hedge but saw the headline somewhere, last night. At first I didn't read the report then I was sorry when I did.

Contradictions In Seth Rich Murder Continue To Challenge Hacking Narrative

The contradictions, the questions, I don't want to think about them. God help me, I'm now scared to talk about so many things in public, on this blog. Dammit I'm an American, born and raised. I should not have to live in fear of speaking out, but now I live in -- I don't know what to call it; maybe 'great caution bordering on fear. ' 

What do you do when you love somebody
And realize you're walking away
You hesitate when it's time for leaving 
You and I know it's never too late
Here we go again

Is it really never too late? Can I never walk away from the nation, the society, that protected me all my life, even if it was often by hook or by crook? It's the kind of question a Mafia daughter would have to wrestle it. But the USA isn't a criminal organization.     


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