Wednesday, March 21

Corporate media's marketing of terrorists as Syrian freedom fighters

From Eva K. Bartlett's March 11 interview with veteran war zone correspondent Elijah J. Magnier:
BARTLETT: "I know you've been a journalist for many, many years. Have you ever seen such shameful journalism without any sort of ethics?"
MAGNIER: "Never, never in my life. In fact, today, the head of the tribes in Ghouta [said] the only reason the jihadis are holding onto Ghouta and not willing to leave and keeping the civilians as a shield is because of the mainstream media. The mainstream media is supporting them, the international community is supporting them -- they're supporting the jihadis.  [...]
The exchange is at the 27:40 mark in the YouTube video titled "Developments in Ghouta, Afrin, and Corporate Media's Shameful Reporting on Syria"

When Magnier says never in his life, he's speaking as someone who's reported on a great deal of warfare over a period of more than 30 years. From his website:
... Covered on the ground the Israeli invasion to Lebanon (1st war 1982), the Iraq-Iran war, the Lebanese civil war, the Gulf war (1991), the war in the former Yugoslavia (1992-1996), the US invasion to Iraq (2003 to date), the second war in Lebanon (2006), the war in Libya and Syria (2011 to date). ... 

See also James Corbett's November 2017 interview with Canadian Eva Bartlett about her extensive 'on the ground' reporting on the Syrian War and her challenges, based on her first-hand investigations, to corporate media's propaganda claims about the Syrian government's prosecution of the Syrian War.


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