Thursday, November 8

Hondurans to US: We wish to invade your country but we'll need transport to get there

No wonder the 'migrants' can't get anything done in their own country. And few are actually in desperate straits because only a few have accepted repeated offers of asylum -- and jobs -- from Mexico's government.
Central American migrants in Mexico want demand buses to US border
November 8, 2018 - 4:39 PM ET
The Associated Press via AOL

"The Mexican government has said most of the migrants have refused offers to stay in Mexico"

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Central American migrants in a caravan that has stopped in Mexico City demanded buses Thursday to take them to the U.S. border, saying it is too cold and dangerous to continue walking and hitchhiking.

Mexico City authorities say that of the 4,841 registered migrants receiving shelter in a sports complex, 1,726 are under the age of 18, including 310 children under five.

"We need buses to continue travelling," said Milton Benitez, a caravan coordinator. Benitez noted that It would be colder in northern Mexico and it wasn't safe for the migrants to continue along highways, where drug cartels frequently operate.

He said the route and departure time would be decided at a meeting Thursday night.

The Mexican government has said most of the migrants have refused offers to stay in Mexico, and only a small number have agreed to return to their home countries. About 85 percent of the migrants are from Honduras, while others are from the Central American countries of Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

"California is the longest route but is the best border, while Texas is the closest but the worst" border, said Jose Luis Fuentes of the National Lawyers Guild to gathered migrants.


Enough. You can read the rest of the report at AOL, if you have the stomach for it, but the rest of the story boils down to 'activists' pushing the 'migrants' along.  


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