Sunday, April 3

Are Democrats fitting President Biden for a pair of cement shoes?

Strange days here in Washington.  Well, stranger than usual.  Rumors have been flying that the DNC bosses are looking to remove Biden from the presidency, although how they would do this is unclear.  I don't think even Obama could simply snap his fingers.  One speculation is that they'll try to blackmail him into resigning unless he wants to see his son Hunter in jail. 

Even so, they'd be left with Kamala Harris, whose chance for bringing in a Democratic Party victory in the next presidential election are considered to be very small by those In the Know, if she didn't first fumble the U.S. into a nuclear war when she replaced Biden.

However, it's still just a rumor even though it has enough fuel for me to mention it here.

As to the latest about Hunter's infamous laptop, 

Laptop from hell entered into the official Congressional Record - YouTube - The Duran, April 3


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