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Logistics of surrenders at Azovstal UPDATED 3:00 AM ET

See previous post for Sputnik's announcement of Russia's offer to combatants at Azovstal.  The offer went into effect at 5:00 AM Moscow time, which is 7 hours ahead of Washington, DC time. So the surrenders, if they are occurring, are already underway, God willing.)


First, exactly how the Russians notified the combatants.  [smiling] You can see the Russians wanted to make Double Dutch sure the offer was received by all.
From IntelSlava Z - 2:00 AM
The Azovstal plant in Mariupol began to fire leaflets with a proposal to the Armed Forces of Ukraine to surrender, Izvestia correspondent Semyon Eremin reported.

Shells are loaded into a 120mm Gvozdika gun mount, so that as it fires into the air over the area, it disperses several thousand instructions on how to properly surrender.

The correspondent stressed that about 1,700 Ukrainian servicemen had already surrendered.


From IntelSlava Z -2:18 AM:
The Russian Defense Ministry, after calling on the militants of nationalist formations and foreign mercenaries blocked at Azovstal to surrender on Sunday morning, publishes an algorithm of actions:

Since 5.00 a continuous connection is established between the Russian and Ukrainian sides for the exchange of information;

From 5.30 am, militants of nationalist battalions and foreign mercenaries - on the one hand, the Russian Armed Forces, together with the military formations of the DPR - on the other hand, declare a "complete silence regime";

At 06:00, both sides will mark the actual beginning of the “silence regime” by raising flags: from the Russian side - red, from the Ukrainian side - white around the entire perimeter of Azovstal;

From 6.00 to 13.00 Moscow time - the exit of all without exception Ukrainian armed units and foreign mercenaries, without any weapons and ammunition.

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