Tuesday, April 5


I don't want to talk about this but felt I had to say something, so this cryptic warning is my way of splitting the difference. 

There is an 'open-source' claim by someone purportedly in the know that tells me the same characters responsible for Syria-gate were busy in Bucha. So, if you know in detail about allegations that Assad's forces carried out chemical attacks against Syrian civilians, you should be able to figure out Bucha-gate.

These characters are very bad men -- and I believe they'd consider that a compliment. What is to be done about them?

Do you remember my account of what I was told in India many years ago when I tangled with a veritable fiend? 

"Do not trouble yourself about that man, madam.  All one can ever do with evil is give it a good thrashing and send it on its way."

That did eventually happen to the fiend, who made the Bucha instigators look saintly in comparison.    

Okay, but just how to give the instigators who are pulling strings in Ukraine a good thrashing?  The Russians dealt with these characters in Syria.  Let's see what the Russians can come up with.

Meanwhile there is prayer, and perseverance.


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