Friday, April 8

Could Amnesty International be charged with a war crime if shown to be lying?

Of course not, which is why they can act with impunity.  Even if caught red-handed lying, Amnesty could claim they made mistakes, that they were simply passing along accusations about Russian troops. 

In any case, the accusations reported by Amnesty are nonsensical if you know anything about the Russian war strategy in Ukraine. 

Russian military has committed war crimes in Ukraine, Amnesty International report claims ( - Yahoo! News April 5

As for this nonsense in the Yahoo! report:

On Thursday, [Germany's] Der Spiegel magazine reported that Germany’s foreign intelligence service had intercepted radio conversations between Russian soldiers talking about killing civilians in Bucha. In at least two separate conversations, Russian troops spoke of interrogating Ukrainian soldiers and civilians before shooting them, according to the Washington Post.

Now how do we know for certain the BND can't intercept radio conversations between Russian soldiers in Ukraine?  I'll let the Washington Post editor chew on the question.  


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