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Counting groups of victims in Bucha incident

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Posted by: Petri Krohn | Apr 6 2022 18:49 utc | 67:

I made a list of the Bucha massacre victims on our research wiki. There are at least seven different groups of victims; each needs to be investigated separately. The numbers for each group are approximate.

  • ~50 defenders of Ukraine buried in a mass grave at a churchyard on March 12. This may include civilian "Volkssturm", who were handed out weapons.

  • ~10 suspected collaborators executed at a location that may have been responsible for distributing humanitarian aid.

  • ~5 suspected collaborators executed in a cellar.

  • ~20 civilians killed by shelling on Yabluska Street with bodies not recovered until April 2nd. NYT investigation says the bodies appeared on satellite images around March 11th and March 19th.

  • 2 likely execution victims planted on Yabluska Street among the shelling victims. The two men may have been executed on site or the bodies may have been moved there.

  • A family of three, a village head and her husband and son, allegedly executed by Russians.

  • Two women give video testimony that their husbands were executed in a cleansing operation. On the Ukrainian videos the women say the men were executed by "Russians", but other evidence indicates the cleansing operation happened after the Russians had left.

Ukrainian claims include "410 victims" and "Russians executed all men between the ages of 16 and 60". No bodies or other proof has been presented for these numbers.

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