Friday, September 23

Battle for Bakhmut City drawing to an end

Specific Bakhmut discussion starts at 16:07 mark in Alexander Mercouris' update today. Wagner Group and allied forces (probably militia) are now very close to the city center.  He goes on to summarize other significant military action and explains the Ukraine military's tank problems, which are pretty much insurmountable for the foreseeable future of the war.  

In general, Alexander concludes that the entire Russian operation in Donbass is drawing to a close.    

Russia Proceeds with Referendums, Partial Mobilisation; Ukraine Conflict Enters Moscow's End Game - YouTube

See also The Duran's war update today, which provides a little more detail about the Bakhmut situation and the one in Lyman.

Referendum day, Peskov issues warning. Zelensky running out of road, what next? - YouTube


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