Thursday, September 22

Evidence that central Bakhmut is about to fall to the Russians

 Alexander Mercouris, in his Ukraine war sitrep today, reported that he sees evidence to suggest that fighting has moved to the center of Bakhmut.  The evidence is chiefly that the Ukrainians have blown up a bridge in the city in the attempt to stop the Russian advance. 

Russia Reaches Bakhmut Centre, Prepares Major Winter Offensive, Defends Liman, Exchanges Prisoners - YouTube

Intel Slava Z has photographs of the blown-up bridge and its location

along with this comment:

Khokhols [Ukrainian forces] blew up the last bridge connecting the central part of Bakhmut (Artyomovsk) with the eastern part of the city. Apparently they are preparing for defense in the center and along the river.

So if the Russians are not yet in the city center, they will be soon and then it should be quick work to rout the Ukrainian forces.  Then it will be dominoes falling much faster than anyone could have predicted even 48 hours ago.


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