Tuesday, September 13

Meanwhile in Sweden, the ballot stuffers went berserk

Sweden Democrats (right-wing) leader Jimmie Åkesson 

The final results of the election will be announced tomorrow.  

The hard right’s election breakthrough has upset the Swedish apple cart | Financial Times ( - 6 hours ago

Yesterday The Duran discussed the wild turn of events:

Election results play out in Sweden with stunning results - YouTube

Also yesterday Baron Bodissey at Gates of Vienna, which is plugged into European events, analyzed the situation and published translations of three Swedish reports, which include news about alleged ballot tampering, which is no surprise:

But all the ballot stuffing in the world won't roll back Sweden's amazing turn to the right, even if the Old Guard manages to flim-flam their way to a narrow victory.  

Summary and analysis from the American propaganda mainstream wing for Americans who can't find Sweden on a map:

‘Make Sweden great again.’ Far right on the cusp of power – POLITICO


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