Tuesday, September 6

Biden Laptop-FBI Affair: "Sometimes you gotta watch something break before you can fit it."

What's broken in this case is the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  The quote is from the man who accidentally discovered damning information on Hunter Biden's laptop then alerted the FBI to the contents. For his trouble, it's barely an overstatement to say that he's lucky to be alive.  What he went through is quite a saga, which he's written about in a forthcoming book

For now, The Duran has interviewed him along with Larry Johnson, who's been on top of the laptop scandal since news of it broke.  He's probably been interviewed several times by now but The Duran's Alexander Mercouris was an attorney for many years -- a courtroom attorney. He knows how to get to the heart of situation, what questions to ask that will quickly explain and clarify a very complicated issue for those who are new to it.  And Larry's presence means that the issue will also be assessed from a defense intelligence point of view.   

The Laptop w/John Paul Mac Isaac and Larry Johnson (Live) - YouTube

The discussion starts around the 3-minute mark after finishing with introductions. 

As to whether the FBI can be fixed -- it's not just the Laptop Affair and clearly the bad actors are no longer confined to the agency's upper echelon.  I keep hearing that there are many good FBI agents.  But it looks to me as if the system has broken to the point where the only real fix is to create a new agency.


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