Sunday, September 11

The permaculture revolution leaps onward

The revolution incorporates cutting-edge science and ancient land/water management systems.  The following two videos show on a small, personal scale the permaculture revolution with its creation of microclimates that ward off desertification and aridification (the gradual change of a climate from wetter to drier) in myriad ways while providing abundant food and water reserves.  Here are illustrations of what you can do with a third of an acre or a flat house roof in a suburban/urban setting. 

 PERMACULTURE FIRST STEPS: Microclimate Mapping - YouTube - (7:54 minutes):

Start your Permaculture Design by mapping the microclimates. Join Andrew Millison in Portland, Oregon to film the urban permaculture garden and green roof of Marisha Auerbach. Marisha has been developing this site for ten years along with her partner Zane and has created a highly productive food system on just 1/6 of an acre. Marisha reveals the first steps to assessing your site and determining the best way to design your system to work with natural forces, creating a dense and abundant permaculture paradise!

Permaculture Garden Tour: YEAR 12 - YouTube - 20:46 minutes)

Permaculture instructor Andrew Millison takes you on a tour of his home garden in Corvallis, Oregon, USA. The garden is in its 12th season, and it was filmed on the day before the Summer Solstice, 2021. Corvallis is located at 45 degrees North latitude, at an elevation of 235 ft, 40 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean in the heart of the fertile Willamette Valley, in plant hardiness zone 8b.

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