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Wednesday, May 27

Are they certain El Niño caused the torrential rains in Texas and Oklahoma?

From Live Science today:
[...] Heavy rainfalls began on Saturday (May 23) and soaked the region through the weekend, leading to nearly record-breaking rains in some southern areas of Texas and Oklahoma.[...]These catastrophic conditions are being caused by an El Niño pattern — a natural climate cycle that brings warmer-than-average temperatures to the Pacific Ocean — that has split the jet stream into two branches, with one river of air going off north and the other one sinking farther to the south, said John Gresiak, a senior forecaster for AccuWeather. It is the southern stream that is causing the disturbances in Texas and Oklahoma, after passing through California and Mexico, he added.
I've read elsewhere, earlier, that rains brought to the USA by El Niño don't get further east than parts of California. If Gresiak is right then obviously the claim is incorrect.


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