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Sunday, May 3

Fast aid distribution ramps up: "U.S. sending Ospreys, Hueys and other aircraft to Nepal" UPDATED 10:30 PM

I've deleted the entire post. I guess I should explain why.  I made the mistake of clicking on this New York Times report datelined today even though I told myself, "Don't read that report."

Nepal’s Bureaucracy Is Blamed as Earthquake Relief Supplies Pile Up

I'd better not write anything else before I express what I'm actually thinking.  I will allow myself to say just this much:  the situation is part of the Nature v Nurture debate.  Compassion as applied through foreign aid and development is propping up kleptocracies, tyrannies, and ways of life that should have died off decades ago.  Yet the conundrum:  once knowing of the suffering, can one do nothing?

Well, Pundita.  Onward.  


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