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Saturday, May 9

Sacramento will actually read your suggestion for dealing with California's drought.

Good for Sacramento, because you just never know when someone will come up with a brilliant idea. From Chris Megerian's report for the Los Angeles Times:
The suggestions are recorded and categorized, such as "water supply — solar water purifier" or "conservation idea(s) — leak detection technology." 
Some are forwarded to the state water board for review.
"There could be good ideas here," said Nancy Vogel, a spokeswoman for the California Natural Resources Agency. "We don't want to miss out."
As the LAT report indicates, many of the ideas are wacky, others are already being implemented -- 
Still, Dave Todd, who works on drought issues at the Department of Water Resources, said the state is keeping an open-door policy for new ideas. For example, when someone reached out to discuss irrigation technology, Todd put him in touch with a laboratory at Cal State Fresno.
"They're being good citizens in trying times," Todd said. "We don't want to discourage people from thinking outside the box."
Some go way outside the box
Todd said one man sketched out a plan for changing the weather by aiming abandoned airplane engines at the sky.
It wasn't clear exactly how that would work, Todd said. "His physics were obviously way beyond mine."
My favorite idea from the LAT listing is the offer from families who unfailingly run into rain wherever they vacation. They've offered to vacation in California if the state will foot the bill.

Unfortunately the article doesn't include the email for the suggestion box in Sacramento but it shouldn't be hard to find at the state government's website, and you can always tweet your idea to LAT at  #DroughtIdeas and they'll forward it, or add it to the article's comment section.


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