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Sunday, May 17

American Pharaoh's Amazing Race

This post and the photographs relate to the win at the Preakness (May 17); for my post on the Belmont victory (June 6), see this link.

Hereafter American Pharaoh's name deserves to be correctly spelled.  That horse didn't just win the Preakness in rain and mud. He won in a storm.  Thunder boomed, a lightning bolt hurled to earth just at post time, the wind raged, torrential rain blew in sheets almost blinding his jockey.

But one would've thought American Pharaoh was out for a trot on a sunny day. And he started from the worst post position in the field, #1, where he could have easily been cut off.  So this isn't a mere thoroughbred or race horse. This is the kind of horse that won battles for his mount.

The pack could never come close except for a brief stretch when jockey Victor Espinoza pulled him in a bit to give him a little breather. The horse had made fantastic speed on the muddy track to prevent another horse, Mr Z, from getting ideas about being a front runner.  He practically flew the track.

American Pharaoh won by 7 lengths even with the breather. This is what the finish looked like, the competition not even in sight:

Pegasus, the winged war horse of Greek myth, couldn't have run it better.

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