Wednesday, June 24

Hungary finally says no to more illegal migrant swarms

Reporting from Brussels and Budapest
Wed June 24, 2015 - 8:46am IST
In a challenge to European leaders before a summit that aims to tackle a refugee crisis, Hungary unilaterally suspended an EU asylum programme on Tuesday, saying it was overburdened by illegal migrants.
Plenty more in the report.  Trying to read between the lines of the report, it strikes me that EU leaders seem unwilling to confront the fact that the more they've said yes, the bigger the migrant swarms have gotten.  

This has made it increasingly hard to separate the real refugees from the job- and welfare-benefits seekers and those who just prefer to live in Europe. Many if not most of the migrants, however, are Muslims, and many of those Muslims breed like rabbits because they practice polygamy.  

Modern societies simply can't support the practice, which has been eating all but the richest Muslim governments out of house and home.  Now the polygamous swarms are going to pick Europe clean. So aren't the Europeans carrying their desire for cheap labor a bit too far?  

And notice from the Reuters report that the swarms aren't actually interested in staying in Hungary; they want to move on to richer European countries. Fancy that:  the Country Connoisseur Migrant.             


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