Wednesday, June 24

Obama orders heavy weapons deployed all along Russia's European border

By the way, Obama has also dragged Americans into supporting a full blockade of Eastern Ukraine, which is as much saying Americans are supporting an ethnic cleansing.

Meanwhile, Obama wants Americans to focus on the evils of racism and on being nicer to Muslims.

Where is the American anti-war Left on Obama's latest example of leading from behind?  Silent as the grave. Where is the American mainstream media? Silent - although from comments John Batchelor made during his conversation with Dr Stephen F. Cohen last night, it's possible Charlie Rose is becoming a little alarmed.  If so, his alarm is coming far too late in the day.  

Here's the latest on the crisis from John Batchelor's Show, the only media outlet in the USA that is reporting on it in enough detail to convey what is actually going on.  

But why bother to alarm Americans since there's nothing we can do about it?  Only the Europeans can avert a looming nuclear confrontation, and it's getting to the point where the only way out for them could be to leave NATO.

However, the Europeans are suffering from Deer in the Headlights syndrome. They don't want to believe that an American President is certifiably insane.


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