Wednesday, August 5

Double Bingo: Well-off Arabs controlling Calais migrant camps

We heard from the French police, who're now certain that anarchists and/or far-Left groups topheavy with Britons are orchestrating the massed migrant assaults on the Eurotunnel.  But an eyewitness account from Ukip MEP Mike Hokeem has also been reported today, via the U.K. Express:
Mr Hookem claimed to have found a "number of well-dressed Arabic men on mobile phones who seemed to be in charge".
"It looked like they were orchestrating the operations," he added. "They were in designer jeans and trainers on the latest mobile phones walking around residential areas like Frethun like they owned the place.
The residents of those areas were nowhere to be seen."
That throws a monkey wrench in the theory it wouldn't be the smuggling rings that are orchestrating the migrant assaults on the Eurotunnel because they want to keep a low profile. Yet the rest of Hookem's account comports with a BBC investigation in May, which found that the smugglers are very brazen and have complete contempt for the ability of European authorities to stop their operations.

The Express also reports that PM Dave is going ahead with his vacation, which will be for the rest of August. So I'll give the last word to Mike Hookem:
"It's about time [Home Secretary] Theresa May and David Cameron got off their backsides and went to see the problem for themselves.
"Then they might have some conception of how silly their extra fencing and dogs really are," he added, in reference to plans for more sniffer dogs and fences for Calais and the train terminal at Coquelles.
"This is a problem that is only going to get worse as time goes by and it is not going to be long before one of our drivers is killed."

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