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Tuesday, May 10

4 people in the public eye keeping me sane during Obama regime's final months

1. Souleymane "Jules" Faye singing Senegal. I don't know the specific meaning of the lyrics -- they're probably in Wolof -- but the song is obviously a tribute to Senegal. It's the feelings he expresses through song that are heard by my hardened heart. I wish I could love my country again as much as he loves his, although goodness knows Senegal has big problems. Once the creatures in the White House decamp my heart might relent. For now, I hum Senegal whenever I'm particularly upset by news about Syria, Afghanistan, etc. coming from Washington.

Senegal starts at the 33:21 minute mark 

2. John Batchelor.  See why

3. Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert. See why: Part 2: "You can't have capitalism without capital" (starts at 25:45 mark)

4.  Al Masdar's Leith Abou Fadel.  A few of his recent comments at his Twitter page:
Shocking....wait, she goes to church?

Now playing: The Clash "Rock the Casbah"

Leith Abou Fadel is Bashar Al-Assad

  1.  Arabs need to be careful when transliterating the names of their children to English. No, you don't need an extra "s" for "Anas"

Occasionally, I like to make Arab tea in the AM. once that is done, I receive a phone call from my 94 year old accountant, my grandma.


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