Friday, May 20

Michael Pregent's defense of Al Saud rings hollow

Former intelligence officer and Hudson Institute Adjunct Fellow Michael Pregent was on the John Batchelor Show last night (Hour Three) to promote his claims that:
  • the U.S. intelligence community needs help from the Saudi government in fighting Islam-inspired terrorism
  • Al Saud doesn't sponsor terrorism
  • Since 9/11 Al Saud has helped the U.S. foil many terrorist plots
Notably missing from his discussion and April 20 piece for Hudson, Saudi Arabia Is a Great American Ally is mention of the screamingly obvious fact that Al Saud's globalized promotion of Wahhabism and Salafism has created a perpetual motion machine of terrorism. 

One could put a smiley face on this fact by saying it's provided gainful employment for Mr Pregent and the millions of his colleagues in the global intelligence community who fight Islamic terrorism. But I'd say a decent person would argue that this is one job sector the human race should make obsolete as soon as possible.  And I believe rationality dictates that it makes no sense to remain allied with a government centered around a religious sect that has terrorism and world dominion at its core.

The observations don't address Mr Pregent's above-mentioned claims although those can be challenged; however, the second most useless thing one can do is debate a demon, the first being to say to a demon, 'You know what your problem is? You're a demon.'

The only question left for me to address about Michael Pregent is why John Batchelor allowed him in front of a microphone. The answer, I fear, has something to do with John's difficulty in facing that Israel's government is stuffed with idiots. They should have told the 'Palestinians' at the start, "We liberated you from the British overlords so quit whining or relocate to the U.K."

That's all they ever needed to say to spare themselves and everyone else decades of bullshit.  

But see this is why I'm not in government. With people like me at the helm you can get away with a very small diplomatic corps and defense sector, so there goes job security for millions out the window. 

As to what this has to do with Saudis -- they fluttered their eyelashes at Israel's government when the Obama Administration stopped performing to expectations, and Jerusalem fell for it. The Saudi strategy was clever; they knew that with a backlash mounted against them in Washington, Israel's most vocal American supporters would go easier on them if they heard Al Saud was 'secretly' cooperating with Jerusalem. 
Which, I darkly suspect, explains why John no longer refers to Al Saud as "that gas station family" and a bunch of terrorists, and how he got through Mr Pregent's talk without making retching sounds.


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