Friday, May 27

"Stoned, couch-based experts" plus U.S. has SOF wear female Kurd unit arm patches

At first I refused to believe my ears because this is SouthFront, whose video sitreps on the Syrian battlespace are narrated by a woman with a generic International/British English accent who doesn't stray from Sgt. Friday-style delivery (Just the facts, ma'am). So I backtracked on the tape but even though I heard the same words again I still refused to believe my ears, so I went to the transcript. There it was:
Despite the direct participation of US special operation forces, at least 550 US troops are deployed in Northern Syria, the Syrian Democratic Forces’ offensive in Northern Raqqa is ongoing more difficult than it has been expected by stoned couch-based experts.
Now what could explain this strange lapse in SouthFront's behavior? Well, I think the people who run SouthFront have been getting a little testy of late, maybe on account of the various attempts to destroy or discredit their website. (Briefly throwing them off YouTube, tossing them from PayPal, accusing them of being a Russian government site, etc.)  

For Pete's sake, SouthFront sitreps are the only source on the internet that provides, five days a week, an update about which factions are taking or losing which territory in Syria -- clear updates, thanks to SouthFront's use of animated maps in the sitreps. 

So one would think that enemies of the Russian and Syrian governments would emulate SouthFront's approach to reporting on the war instead of trying to take the site down. But the United States and the rest of the axis powers machinating in Syria don't want clarity about the war. They don't want the public to see what's going on, and the Western media outlets and think tanks reporting on the war have largely cooperated in keeping the public in the dark.  

Oh well, here's today's sitrep from SouthFront. 

Speaking of stoned military experts, SouthFront spotted that some genius gave U.S. Special Forces fighting Islamic State in Syria a YPG arm patch insignia that represents an all-female Kurdish unit. 

SouthFront's editorial comment: "It looks US special ops forces know nothing about the Syrian Kurds…"  

Now now, it could just be gender equality U.S. military-style, but talk about an easy way for the bad guys to spot the Americans in the mix.  


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