Monday, May 23

U.S. strikes pound Islamic State in N. Aleppo

[waving an American flag]  Let's hear it for the USAF!  Gee, it's so nice to be able to cheer on my own government for once.  

But this is just why I didn't want to say much about May 25 in a post last night.  It'll all come clear in the end but if we recall the news from AMN yesterday about devastating Russian airstrikes in Aleppo it looks as if there is at least some coordination between not just two but three air forces because the Syrian air force was also involved in the Russian air raids in Aleppo. That wouldn't just be big news; it would be faint dead away news if Obama has grown a brain about Syria. 

And notice -- notice -- that all this is happening in Syria in time with the Iraqi Army operation to retake Fallujah.     

So we'll just have see how things play out in the next few days.

ISIS commander killed by US airstrike in northern Aleppo
By Leith Fadel

The United States Air Force carried out a series of powerful airstrikes above the northern Aleppo countryside this weekend, targeting the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) terrorists that were on the offensive against the Gulf-backed rebel forces. 

These U.S. airstrikes proved decisive, as they were able to kill a large number of Islamic State terrorists near the Turkish border this past weekend. Among the many ISIS militants killed this past weekend was their top emir in the northern Aleppo countryside, Abu ‘Ali Al-Nurbi.



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