Friday, May 27

Clinton-Greenspan 'economic miracle' has just about destroyed America and capitalism

This video report from Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert (who is his wife) is so depressing I didn't want to post it but then they came out with another video report about pension funds that is almost as depressing so I figured what the heck. Besides, Max is so entertaining it's almost bearable to listen to the tales (and it's actually all one tale) of how economists methodically set out to replace capitalism with -- how to term it? -- economism.    

The first report leans heavily on David Stockman's No More Twofers -- Why The Vaunted “Clinton Prosperity” Of The 1990s Is A Risible Myth.  

The second report is titled Pensions going bankrupt, followed by a rollicking, I guess it could be called, discussion about Ireland and other European countries that survive by being white-market tax havens (as distinct from black-market tax havens such as Panama).


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