Friday, May 27

I categorically deny I spend all my free time at Sputnik

This post was a joke I dashed off about six months ago that I forgot to publish. As you can see I eventually got tired of doing links to the Sputnik reports I'd grabbed. But now the headlines make an interesting trip down memory lane. And the photo of Medvedev with four-footed companion is still priceless. 

I have one dispute with the editor of the great "Paradise Lost" photographs Sputnik pulled together: Syria wasn't paradise before the war started. But I suppose one could say that in relation to today the era shown in the photos was indeed paradise. Certainly many Syrians would see it that way.  

Deal Between Merkel, Erdogan Will Be the End of Europe – German Media

US Consistently Failed to Crack Down on Turkey’s Support for Islamic State

Storm on the Horizon: Does Soros Want to Inflame Revolution in Europe?

"ISIL Earned $800mn From Selling Iraqi Oil, Gas on Turkish Black Market"

Erdogan Shot Down By Turkish Army Chief for Commenting on Downed Russian Bomber

"US Refused to Attack Turkey-Bound ISIL Oil Trucks"

Still No Proof? Free Syrian Army Can Verify Daesh Oil Deliveries to Turkey

Time to Resign? Evidence Mounts of Erdogan's Involvement in Oil Smuggling

The Million Dollar Question: How Is ISIL Selling Oil and Who Is Buying It?

Not Thinking Strait? Turkey Won't Let Russian Ships Into Bosphorus

Turkey Has No Legal, Economic Basis to Close Bosphorus for Russian Ships

Turkish Sub Confronts Russian Ship in Dardanelles (VIDEO)

ISIL on the Run: Syrian Army Closes in on Aleppo

Taking the High Ground: Syrian Army Attacks Al-Nusra Jihadists Near Jordan

Syrian Army Repels Massive ISIL Offensive on Strategic Air Base

Actually I only go to Sputnik for the photographs

Russia's Prime Minister and former President Dmitry Medvedev records a video address for his Internet blog with one of his dogs supervising.

City of Atshan liberated by Syrian troops with help from Russian air cover


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