Saturday, May 14

Oh no, one of my supports is leaving his post at Twitter

Crikey; just last week I mentioned to readers that Leith Fadel's feisty, often hilarious remarks at his Twitter page were helping keep me on keel during the nerve-wracking final months of the Obama regime. God only knows what additional mischief O is cooking up for Syria before he bows out.  Now, this blow: 

 May 13
Unfortunately, due to law school prep, I have to take a break from social med

I wasn't the only Syrian War Watcher upset by Leith's announcement, prompting this clarification:

  1. Thank you for all the kind messages; however, Al-Masdar isn't going anywhere. Our reports will continue. Don't fret.
  2. Yes, well, I'll try to be adult about this. He'll make a great attorney. 

    There is something serious to worry about regarding Leith. I would've assumed he'd be attending law school in the USA and maybe that's the case.  But in one recent Tweet he mentioned that he was heading back to the 'motherland' on June 8. I don't know where he is now -- Beirut, maybe, or maybe the USA, but from the childhood pix of himself he posted recently and various comments he's made, it looks as if his motherland is Syria. 

    This young man is greatly hated by the 'opposition' in Syria and their foreign backers.  And AMN (Al Masdar News) has picked up a large following; the website is now among the top 35,000 for traffic worldwide.

    Damn, war makes us care about so many complete strangers. God protect him.    

     L May 10
    Ahh the 90s in - I don't know what the hell I am wearing....

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