Friday, April 7

23 of 59 US cruise missiles reached Syrian air base target; death toll currently 4

From Sputnik; 12:38 - 07.04.2017 (updated 13:50):
"On April 7, at the time between 3:42 and 3:56 a.m. Moscow time [00:42-00:56 GMT] a massive missile attack by 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles was carried out from two destroyers of the US Navy [Ross and Porter], from the Mediterranean Sea, near the island of Crete, targeting Syrian airfield Ash Sha'irat [Homs Province]. According to the Russian data recording technology, only 23 cruise missiles reached the Syrian airbase. It is not clear where the other 36 cruise missiles landed," Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said at a briefing.


The spokesman stressed that the strike destroyed many facilities and equipment, including six planes.

Two Syrian servicemen are missing as a result of the US attack on an airfield in the country, while four were killed and six [received burn injuries] extinguishing the flames, Konashenkov said Friday.

"It is evident that the US cruise missile strikes against a Syrian airbase have been prepared long before today’s events. A large system of measures of reconnaissance, planning, preparation of flight tasks and bringing the missiles to launch readiness needs to be carried out to prepare such an attack," Konashenkov said.
According to Konashenkov, the Idlib chemical attack "served only as a formal pretext, while the demonstration of military force took place exclusively due to internal political reasons."



More detail on the damage to the airfield/planes in this report at RT.


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bdoran said...

Now Trump acted Ruthlessly for Domestic political reasons - to avoid investigative paralysis and impeachment drama. He's now running the media table again and any talk of Russian Stooge is gone.

Trump ran a risk but only used Tomahawks. Now he and not enemies news.

The news before was all about RUSSIA and our enemies were moving inexorably towards impeachment or at least crippling Trump with investigations and hauling in his entire cabinet and circle down to no doubt his receptionist. Any of them that didn't get immunity were going to be hauled up on process charges ala Martha Stewart. They'd be fools to answer their name without Immunity.

But now it's all GONE. It will not return except at faint echo.

And those echoes will if anything damn Democrats and "The Deep State."

Now a word about the Deep State: Those are the Green Zone kids grown fat and even more venal and best complacent and GREEDY as they hit middle age.
They cut their teeth with Venal College Spring Break Pool Parties in Baghdad Green Zone and left with $$$ and now have McMansions in Maclean VA. NO KGB THEY AIN'T.

Today and since Thursday night all the Contractors [that's the fucking Deep State, Watch War Dogs ] are masturbating to all they money they think they're gonna make and the NeoCons think they have America marching as their Golem Army again.

So Trump runs again the Media Table as usual [this being his main business since 2000s and The Apprentice] and his enemies that were closing in have BEEN DISTRACTED BY LOOTING AND GREED.

It being a long known defect of Tribal Armies that they lose discipline when any opportunity for GREED and LOOT appears. (((TRIBAL))))

Costs? No talks with Assad for now. Don't blame Assad. He'll probably still win.
Cost; bad relations with Russia. Well he couldn't have them as friend so he'll have them as foe. Trump is transactional.
And Ruthless.

Sorry Pundita. But the world will go on. Trump is no fool either. Cheers.