Friday, April 14

MOAB: Mother Of Asinine Bombing tactics in Afghanistan

A MOAB is not a bunker buster; its main purpose is to kill all living creatures within a radius of a mile. Thus, Mr Trump's order to drop a MOAB on an area where Islamic State fighters were believed to be holed up in tunnels and caves in the A'Stan boonies. 

Assuming the $16 million bomb killed a few score IS fighters and several goats, sheep, horses, donkeys, birds, mice, foxes, snakes, tarantulas, scorpions and sundry bears, mongooses, wolves and rabbits, what would be the purpose of the U.S. continuing with the strategy of emptying the ocean with a sieve?

When it comes to terror groups in Afghanistan the enemy is thataway, Mr Trump, in Rawalpindi -- that's in a place called "Pakistan" -- and in a place called Riyadh. That's in Saudi Arabia. 

So you can drop all the MOABs you want; you can depopulate the bird and tarantula populations of Afghanistan, but "Isis" is just another lashkar as far as Rawalpindi is concerned. And that means if you kill off X number of Isis fighters, more fighters will take their place, War on Terrorism without end.  

As to what a lashkar is -- nevermind, Mr Trump. CENTCOM knows what it is; the Pentagon knows, the NATO command knows what it is, the British military knows. And the Afghan government knows.

Everyone knows except you.

By the way, if you think you can get off the hook by giving more authority to the American military and insinuating that someone else gave the order to drop a MOAB, I'd remind that you are the commander-in-chief of the United States of America. That is, unless you return to your own planet and take your chief war advisor Ivanka with you.


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bdoran said...

They killed an American soldier.
Now if every time they kill an American soldier something very bad happens they'll lose interest in doing so.

As for Riyahd and Rawlipindi I'd nuke them both but I'm not President.

Neither is Ivanka. Really Pundita go watch some promos or episodes of the Apprentice.

The script is being played out on TV like it was for 10 years. It's deception.

He decided. Or in this case delegated the proper authority to the General on the ground. Long overdue if it was withheld.

When did you start reacting so to headlines?

Trump is demonstrating to the world that America as doormat for better or worse is over. We can't quite leave the world flat on no notice so we're going to have to keep killing people until we can leave or we decide to win. The world will be worse on balance if we leave and I could give a damn.

On.Balance. Not "peace". Not no killing. Rule and Foreign policy always require killing.

BTW the MOAB is a fine choice for the tunnel/bunker complex target set.

We can level Afghanistan and it makes no difference to us. Same with Syria.

Trump is getting in truth domestic room to maneuver by shoring up abroad.

Reality was always going to be sobering. We'll see how things look in about 4-8-25 years.